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Virat Kohli CONFIRMS AFFAIR with girlfriend Anushka Sharma
Indian Cricket captain Virat Kohli and bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma have till date chosen to keep mum about their relationship. But their recent public appearences spoke for their actions. The two have been spotted together quite often recently. Be it a football match in Pune, a restaurant in Mumbai or returning back from Arpita Khan's wedding, the two have always been spot together.

While Anushka still chooses to keep mum, Virat on the other hand has finally confirmed his relationship with the PK actress.

In a recent interaction, the cricketer spoke about his relationship with Anushka. It’s an indirect admission of course, but here’s what he said.“It’s very clear we don’t want to talk about our personal matters. But if we are seen around, it’s pretty much visible and common sense, so we don’t really need to speak about it,”

So are you happy that finally the couple has accepted their relationship and is marriage on the cards anytime soon?