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Sofia Hayat goes BOLD again after turning a NUN!
Recently, Sofia Hayat had shared a video where she is seen shedding her clothes and posing in a bra. The video had gone viral as the actress made a comeback with her bold avatar. Later Rakhi Sawant took a dig at the ex 'Bigg Boss' contestant for sharing revealing photos despite having turned a 'nun'? Well, Sofia has now lashed out at 'skin show' critics and said she wears more clothes than Baba Ramdev. Yes. Can you believe that!

Sofia Hayat wrote a post on Instagram saying, "Take yourself so high that you become the light of divinity. Anyone who criticizes any skin show.. I am still wearing more clothes than Baba Ram Dev. Our Gods have always been beautiful. Anyone who judges and criticizes, needs to clean their minds and look at this picture, and indeed every woman as a sacred being of creation. A Goddess. Remove the programming of associating negativity with women. It is time. The sacred feminine energy is back and is here to stay in all her power, glory and fertility of the earth and LOVE. Namaste Salaam Gaia Mother Sofia #selfie #yoga #goddess #love #yoga"

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