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Shahrukh Khan pushes a Fan for MISBEHAVING
Bollywood's biggest superstar Shah Rukh Khan who is currently shooting for Imtiaz Ali's next in Turkey got into a scuffle with a fan. Yes. The otherwise cool and calm actor lost his cool when a fan got too close to him.

The video which surfaced on Twitter shows the actor who is surrounded by his bodyguards trying to push away someone in the crowd who seems to be creating trouble. While the audio does not indicate what the problem was, it clearly shows the actor getting angry. However the video also shows the actor walking ahead and taking selfies with fans.

This is not the first time that SRK has been caught on video seeming visibly angry in public. The Mumbai Cricket Association lodged an official complaint against Khan when he misbehaved with the security personnel at Wankhade stadium in 2012 during an IPL match. Bollywood stars getting involved in a public spat is not new. While Govinda was caught slapping an onlooker on the sets of his film for misbehaving, Akshay Kumar's bodyguard was seen misbehaving with a photog at the airport recently. That's not all, last week there was huge furor when Randhir Kapoor allegedly misbehaving with the media during the Ganpati Visarjan in Mumbai

Well what do you think about Srk's ugly spat with fan? Like this video write in your comments and dont forget to subscribe to Bollywoodbackstage.