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Salman Khan gets SLAPPED
With a personality like Salman Khan, its easy to believe that he can slap someone but hard to believe that even he can get slapped by someone. Bollywood actor and Bigg Boss 8 host Salman Khan recently confessed to have been slapped by actress and former girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani.

On his reality show Bigg Boss 8, Salman while talking to house inmates confessed that Sangita had slapped him. Though later he tried to repair the damage by adding that it was by mistake and she was intending to slap someone else. Salman was earlier heard to have hit Sangita so hard before their break-up that she allegedly ended up with a fractured leg. Salman was also reported to have been physically violent with ex-girlfriend and actress Aishwarya.

Nevertheless, hats off to the actor for making such a bold confession! What do you think?