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Gauhar Khan gets SLAPPED on stage | Raw Star GRAND FINALE
Star plus's popular singing show India's Raw Star saw its finale yesterday. But it wasn't as it was expected to be. The host of the show Gauhar Khan who was dressed in her usually glamourous avatar, wearing a shimmery stunning outfit was eve teased by an audience member named Akil Malik. He was seen passing rowdy comments on her. In response Gauhar started protesting against it and got into the questioning mode for allegedly being teased. Things then started turning messy and the man in question slapped Gauahar.

Reports suggest that Malik has been arrested and a case has been filed against him, with legal processes seeing a start already. Putting forth his side of the story, the culprit was seen stating that since Gauahar was a Muslim, she had no right to wear revealing clothes.He also added saying that it was inappropriate for Muslim females to dress this way.

Do you think Malik's reason to slap Gauhar was appropriate?