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Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli in a LIVE IN RELATIONSHIP
Actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli's alleged affair has been in news for sometime now. Recently, both Virat and Anushka came out in the open, accepting that the two are in a relationship, disclosing the obvious. But now, we hear that the PK star is planning to shift with beau Virat to their own love nest.

The couple are serious about their relationship, and have now decided to rent a house near Anushka's house in Versova so that the duo can spend some quality time with each every time Virat's in town!
Virat also seemed to have met Anushka's parents and the Sharma family has reportedly welcomed him as well. Looks like the couple have taken their relationship to the next level and are more serious about each other now.
So when do we see them moving in to their love nest? What do you think about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli's affair?