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Ali Zafar's handsome brother Danyal Zafar you can't IGNORE
Pakistani actor Ali Zafar has many female fans drooling over his overtly handsome looks, but did you know that he too will soon make his Bollywood debut in a YRF film.

Danyal, just like his brother Ali, knows both acting and singing and is very passionate about the two. Danyal will be launched in Habib's film alongside 5 other newcomers. Out of the 5, 2 are foreigners and one is a girl from north-east. Danyal plays the romantic lead in the movie, which revolves around a band formed by convicts. Danyal Zafar looks strikingly similar to his brother Ali Zafar. Ali is elder and Danyal is younger. Here take a look.

We can't just get over Danyal's killer smile, we are pretty sure he did make your heart skip a beat! Like this video write in your comments nad dont forget to subscribe to Bollywoodbackstage.